Maybe it’s worth adding some context…

The reason the trivial things really bother me is because I feel so under water by the shit that actually matters. Like the fact that we’re about to run out of money and I’m gonna have to lay off a team of 10 people who rely on this job for their livelihoods. I can’t even imagine what that weekly team meeting will sound like. “Hi everyone, today, instead of us sharing what everyone is working on, I have some bigger news to share. We’re shutting down. We’ll try to help you find a new job. It’s been a pleasure. Have a good life.” And nevermind the advisers and investors who believed in me and shared their time and money. And the thousands of customers, young and old, who love and use our product. (<- you read that and think we shouldn’t be running out of money. I agree. But the world is a much more complicated place than you’d think. More on fundraising and VC’s another time.)

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