More like last night. I don’t really want to write this one. I don’t really know how to think through it. But I’ll try.

Last night, we had a halloween party. I happen to love halloween. as a kid, we used to meet up with friends who lived in neighborhoods with houses and we’d go trick or treating til it got dark and we had a huge trash bag full of candy. or at least it felt that big to me as a kid. we lived in a small apartment in the city so it was foreign to go to people’s “houses”. when id get bk home, id dump the bag upside down on my bed and look at the mound of candy. oh how high it looked. for the next few months, id eat out of the bag. halloween was fun.

as i got older, i lost sight of it. halloween goes through an akward stage in the tween/teen years. it wasn’t until college that i rediscovered it, thanks to my roommate and bff K. In college, halloween is reborn. parties. costumes. drunkeness. an excuse to be someone else. an excuse to get sexy. an excuse to have a long night of fun. after college, the tradition only got bigger. i made money. i cld afford real shit, not just homemade costumes. my roommate L and I was on the same page. one year, we dressed up as roxie hart and velma from chicago. we ordered $300 flapper dresses from california. $60 wigs. $100 shoes. shit was real. and boy did we look good.

N doesn’t really care for halloween. last year we had a party at our place. it was the first time i got to bring friends together and really celebrate the night. in the past, we get dressed up and have no where to go. halloween is one of those weird “holidays” where you have to meet up with friends. you cant just go out. Friends are the only ones who can appreciate your costume, how different you look, your labor of love. One year in college we got dressed up and sat on the side of the street waving people down. beceause we had no where to go. but we still got dressed up. so now that we live in a house, i loved that we cld have a party again. L was going to come down from NY to keep the tradition of taking halloween seriously.

anyway, ive really digressed. because this post was supposed to be about how I dont defend N enough. at least thats what she tells me. a week ago, after asking for weeks if we wld have a party and n giving me a hard time about it, we finally decided to do a small “pre-game” get-together so people wld leave at a certain time. it was sort of my compromise to N. of course by the time we came up with this and told people, there weren’t that many who cld make it. so already i felt like my halloween was doomed.

this isn’t feeling productive. it isn’t helping me make sense of things. Last night, N wanted to “control” the music. she wanted to make sure L and r didnt play their own music. apparently all these years in the past when they’ve played music for us, she wanted to do it. who the fuk knew?? who the fuk knew that N liked to create playlists and manage music at parties? ive never been one to give a shit who plays the music as long as it sounds decently fine to me. last night she played old school hip hop for over an hour. it was fun but got old. no pun intended. so i asked if she cld switch it to smtg more modern, i.e. less than 15 yrs old. cld i plug in my phone to play L’s playlist? No, for tonight, N had decided she wld control the music. she gave me some spiel about it being our house and how she wanted to “control” it all night. Ok, well can you change it to smtg more modern and upbeat? People look bored and are get swallowed by the couch. Is this what YOU want or want L want huh?? Really?? We’re going to make smtg as silly as music about some beef you have with L not giving you enough attention?

N feels left out by L and r. so every single encounter with them (and there are many because we’re talking about my best friend and my sister & co-founder (read: daily interactions, thankfully)), i spend the time before, during, and after worrying. it sucks. this is another one of those nights where N is going to make things about that. i decide i cant live my life like this. always worrying about my partner. so for this reason, im not sure im cut out to be in relationships. i dont know how to communicate this without seeming  fatalistic or dramatic. truth is i dont want to cave on this pt, i see it as being symbolic of a bigger issue. and she sees me as being selfish for not giving in on smtg as silly as controling music. note: i dont get why people are so crazy about who plays music at a party, cant we all just share??? 15 mins of yours. 15 of mine. and so on. what’s wrong with allowing our guests to plug in for a bit? apparently i’m wrong. it’s her house, all she’s asking for is to play the music.

leaving you hanging today because as i said, i got nothing…


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