Did I ever mention that I have a baby girl?

During the one year absence from writing, I’m pretty sure I forgot to share some important news…

I have a baby girl! And get this, she’s now a whole year old! Yup, it’s true, this past Sunday, she went from being 0 to 1. Nuts to think a year went by, but at the same time she evolved so much every day that I can’t say I didn’t feel the change/growth happening. I felt it. And when I look back at the year, it doesn’t necessarily feel super fast.

In any case, she is adorable. I know all parents say this. But let’s for a moment pretend that’s just a biased assessment, tottttaaally possible, I think there’s one thing no one would disagree on: she’s a ridiculously easyyyy baby (which means she’s adorable). At least so far. I might totally be jinxing the situation by saying this and she might totally being a crazy toddler, but I’ve know that all along so I can still acknowledge the now. Ever since she was born, she has slept through the night, woken up at a decent time (ok, 7:30 still feels early but is liveable), never cries. No, like never. Unless she falls and hurts herself but that seems pretty fair. She loves people, lets everyone hold her, just stares at them until she’s memorized their faces/their scents and then finally looks up and says her first and only word “hiiiiii”. Can you think of a better first word than that? Hi. It’s brilliant. You can’t get too far with “Mama” or “Dada”. They’re kinda pointless. Especially since your parents are usually right in front of you and you don’t really need to call their names. But “hi”, that opens up a world of possibilities. Anytime someone asks her any follow-up questions, she switches up the tonality of her “hi” and usually gets by. Exchange goes something like this:

Baby: Hi!
Friend: Oh hi there. How are you?
Baby: [Big smile] Hiiiiiii….
Friend: Hiiiiii…
Baby: [Big smile] hi hi hi

You get the idea.

Anyhow, we’re so darn lucky that she’s been such an easy baby. Apparently this is how they get you to have a second one. Then that one ends up driving you bonkers. Trying not to fall in the trap yet but it’s hard to decide to have an only child with no siblings. Parent guilt big time.

Ok, that’s all for today. I’m a mom. Now you know it. I still have a really hard time saying that out loud. Regardless, I don’t feel like a mom AT ALL. Sadly, we’ve made the word “mom” have this almost boring / negative association. So I don’t really relate to it. What happened to motherhood being cool and awesome? Gotta bring that back, or just bring it if it never existed.

Peace out homies.

See, now would a mom have said that? Probs not. But deep down inside, I’m still that 10-year-old playing dodgeball in the playground and smokin’ the shaaaat outta anyone on the other team.

I used to be able to do a mean one of these to dodge the ball (and could also catch those really hard balls that the strong boys threw, straight in my belly. Sometimes it hurt so hard, I couldn’t breathe, but I didn’t show it. And who cares, it meant they were out. Neeeeext.)…

Star Jump

Image result for dodgeball through my legs



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