I just went public…

I just bought the domain to this word press blog. Let’s see if that changes how I write. This blogging/journaling here is a bit confusing. No one reads it so I really only write it for myself. And yet I felt this need to be able to just go to the site.com to view it whenever I want to access it. So I bought the domain. But a part of me wonders, what if it somehow gets found and some people start reading it? Now or in the future. The internet is a vast place. All sorts of things can happen. It’s really a great reflection of our universe, massive and never-ending. I wonder what it feels like to be a hacker who knows how to really take the rocket and take off into cyberspace, to places others have never visited before. My experience of cyber space is so limited. I’m going to keep writing assuming no one is reading and we’ll leave it at that.

By the way, two things to share (it might end up being more than two as i’ve learned in the past…):

  1. I kinda have a thing for domains. I like buying them. I like owning them. One of my favorite things is to hop on one of the domain-buying sites, usually GoDaddy, and “window shop” for domains. I start going down rabbit holes, thinking of random ideas and seeing what related domains are available. In each session, I end up stumbling on ONE that I like and buying it. I’ve never gone to great lengths to get one; i just register available ones. But I did win an auction once for an awesome domain (or so I think) for $10. I own a couple of 5-letter domains with vowels in them and they’re not half bad. Bought those back when I thought I was going to start a social shopping app. They’re the acronyms of two phrases: I Need Your Opinion Please (inyop) and Which One Should I Pick (wosip). See? You can pronounce them. You can probably deduce from those phrases how the app was meant to help shoppers. I still think it’s a good idea, but social networks are tough to build so I didn’t pursue it.
  2. The founder of TripAdvisor once shared some really good advice with me. At the time, when I was thinking of launching the social shopping app, I wondered how he build trip advisor. He was speaking in one of my hbs classes so I asked: When you first launched, how did you deal with the classic chicken-and-egg dilemma where users won’t come to the site if there are no reviews and reviewers won’t leave a review if no one is using the site? His answer: He realized that there was a wealth of review content already out there on hotels, mostly through articles, travel books, blogs, etc. They populated hotel names, addresses, photos supplied from the hotel, and then “reviews” from articles/publications/books. As people started to leave their own personal reviews, they started to clean up the site and delete that old content. I thought this was brilliantly simple and made a lot of sense. It can be applied to a lot of other ideas. There’s always a “starting point”, an MVP that gets you going.
  3.  I watched Hidden Figures last night. The story is obviously amazing and I’m glad it’s finally being told. I had never heard of the women who helped land a man on the moon, and it was difficult to watch the racism in the story. More difficult knowing that MUCH of it still exists today. Maybe we don’t have “Colored Restrooms” or separately labeled coffee pots. Sure, the blatant labels are gone. Great, give ourselves a pat on the back, we removed some signage… But so much of the internal thoughts and fears are still there. White people still avoid blacks and a lot of the judgment still appears superior. And blacks still feel the judging eyes on them in anything they’re doing (and definitely fearful when a police car pulls up, like it did in beginning of movie). Let’s be honest: IT STILL EXISTS. Goodness gracious, what is it going to take to make this a problem of the PAST? So fucking sad. I really don’t know how we can redraw the lines, start over. Sometimes I wish we could reinvent the world and start over. Get rid of all the biases, against skin color, gender, any differences. Imagine a world where…

Maybe what we need to do is found an island or planet with a new society. That’s the entrepreneur in me wanting to “start” a new world. We’d have to be super fucking picky about who gets to live on the island to begin with, because their biases are bound to become the foundation of this new world. I vote for all the mindfulness gurus to be the first inhabitants. 🙂

Okay major digression there. LIKE MAJOR. What I really wanted to share was: did you know where the word computers comes from? COMPUTERS comes from human computers, people who used to literally compute, run long-ass mathematical calculations. Who fucking knew?! It’s a word we’ve become so accustomed to hearing and using. “Do you have your computer with you? I’m bring my comp. My computer needs charging.” etc. etc. But we’re actually referring to a profession, people who did math for a living! So kewl.

Okay, i think that’s enough for today team. Gotta go back to saving the world. by the way, when that movie ended, i realized “holy fuck, some people did something with their lives”. some people were firsts… first woman to attend a college… first african-american woman engineer… first judge to do xyz… first person to orbit earth… first person to walk on the moon! first first first… trail-blazers… pioneers… leaders… life-changers…. leaders of living beings… amazing inhabitants… what am I doing with my life? it makes everything we’re doing seem so damn tiny. We gotta dream bigger, dream for the MOOON (and since we’ve been there already, you really shld be dreaming past the moon actually ;).

Today i’m working on launching our product in stores. Fucking amazingness. Retailers have been super excited about our product. The imposter in me doesn’t totally get it, “do they really like it? what do they like about it? hmmm, do they do this with every vendor they come across? do they say this to everyone?” etc. etc. Ummm, the simple answer is no, they really like it. The CEO of a multi-billion dollar public company doesn’t ask to meet with you, and then meet with you again. And to be fair, it’s CEOs with an “S” so it’s not even one crazy outlier. And YET, the imposter in you is one dumba$$ who can’t stop talking. Anyhow I’m excited to bring our products, my babies, to families across the country and eventually the world. I can’t think of anything more special than selling a product that kids grow up with. Something that becomes a part of their childhood, their formative years, their very identity. It’s so special and such an honor to be able to create this for them. And can you imagine these products, this brand, outlasting me? That would be cool too. I love the idea of creating something whose essence is evergreen. The details may evolve, but the spirit of it could be relevant for generations to come. Here’s to this launch being a home-run…

*I swore a couple of times just to remind myself that this is my site, for me, no one else, and I don’t need to be p.c. I just need to be me. Nice.



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