Sacred Spirit…

It seems fitting to name this post after the music I am listening to… “Sacred Spirit – Chants and Dances of the Native American”.

I came on here today to write a prayer. I’ve decided that I’ve lost connection to my soul. And I’d like to reconnect with it.

Dear Soul,

I love you

I’m sorry that I’ve been away and haven’t visited as often

I’m here now and I promise to stay

You have been so kind and loving and nurturing

Beyond my wildest dreams

When I was younger, I used to say that I wanted to achieve greatness in life

And I would find it strange that none of my friends shared this ambition

You have shown me the greatness that lies within, my pure light heart

I am the light

I am the face you see in the moon

Today, I vow to reflect the light in the world

I vow to see the goodness in others and reflect it back

I vow to see the goodness in myself and to let it out

Unfiltered, beautiful, and beaming straight from the heart of light

Forget being vulnerable, forget being authentic

I will be real, as real as love, as real as the sun

I will speak from the soul

I will speak from my heart

I will speak from you…

Guide me

May I speak your truth

May I reflect your light

May I share with the world your message

May I be a portal for your wisdom

May I be a funnel for your love

May I take every step with you by my side

May I walk this Earth fulfilling your vision

Show me the way, dear Soul, for

I am Yours

You are Mine

We are One

All is Well.


Thank you to Tosha Silver for those last few lines in the prayer….

And from my reading this morning with Marissa, I got the Hanged Man card which I felt connected to. Just looked it up and this resonates, BIG time…

“If you are receiving a Tarot reading, The Hanged Man card is a strong message from the universe that the option of surrendering is always open to you. It might, in fact, be the quickest way to a complete and total victory.”

Lately, I have felt very connected to the concept of surrendering more, as mentioned in my last post…






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