You are magic!

Today I am sitting at a coffee shop. I just finished my call with Marissa, the spiritual teacher/healer that I have been working with and talking to once a week. She has been a wonderful part of my journey. As have others like Laura, Dale, and Tara. I feel so blessed to have people in my life who have helped me grow tremendously, including family, friends, and those random posts on social media by people I’ve never met sprinkled with beautiful inspirational quotes and mantras 🙂  It takes a village friends. It really does. And we are all connected, so I see each person as an energy that is part of myself. And together, we are beautiful and magical.

I digress. Although today’s post is about magic, so perhaps I don’t digress as much as I think I do.

I’m listening to Stevie’s Gypsy. Damn that’s a good song. And she’s a godess. This morning I was trying to google her butterfly outfits so I can start sporting them! Ha. I think we should all wear more butterfly wings and capes. Seriously, why do we reserve those things for costumes and little ones? Maybe I’ll start a clothing brand someday devoted to bringing capes and wings to the masses. Hmmm, there is something deeply alluring about that.

Ok, now I really do digress.

I’m here to share a quick update on where we are. And to journal on what I’ve learned this morning so that I may solidify and absorb as much of its goodness as possible.

First, the update. Those last couple of posts were deep so it feels fitting to let you know where we are now with all that. On August 15, we left the office at 3:30pm and went swimming. We realized we had gone all summer without going swimming. What kind of summer is that? Life is too short to spend an entire summer in a city that has amazing public pools, and not go swimming. I was trying to work on sending an update email to our lead investor, and didn’t feel great about the news I had to share. It all felt heavy. Normally, I would have plowed through that task, made myself not get up until it had been done. Because difficult things need persistence. They feel hard. They aren’t fun. So you have to stay glued to your seat until they’re done. It’s not supposed to feel good, duh. WRONG. I got up, closed the laptop, and decided to heck with it. Life is too short to not feel good in EVERY moment (thanks Marissa for that lesson…). Writing this email isn’t feeling good right now and summer is passing by. So we got up and went swimming. About an hour later, sitting on a pool chair, R gets an email. It’s from a company we adore and it says to expect an offer from them by Friday. Woohoooo! Sometimes, you have to let go to get what you want… That was an important lesson.

On August 17, we got the offer. We had gotten others but this was the suitor we felt most connected to. And now a month or so later, we are deep in diligence and moving towards closing a deal.

That is the update folks. I share this because just a week or so before we got that offer, I had written a post about the need to let go just a little more. To mourn, to grief the “end”. And through that, again the universe answered.  We are thrilled with the outcome, and grateful.

Now onto today’s lessons.

  • This is the happiest time in my life. I can say that and “feed” that thought. Thoughts are alive. Why feed the ones that are negative (e.g. this is a tough time in my life)?
  • Freedom and happiness are feelings that come from within. We often seek external things to drive these feelings. And when those don’t work, we take it out on others. E.g. “I’m not happy because my wife is doing this thing that makes me unhappy.” “I’m not free because I have a child and am married, and society has always taught me those things mean I must not have any freedom.” All not true. I’m not happy or free because I AM not happy or free. On the inside. I have to fill my cup, and shower myself with love, to feel free and happy. I have to support others around me as they fill their cups, knowing that it will serve all of us for them to feel full.
  • How am I going to do this?
    • By paying attention to the times when I am seeking joy from anything external.
    • By paying attention to how I feel moment to moment, and honoring it.
    • By paying attention to my thoughts and feeding positive ones rather than negative ones.
    • By not thinking my way into things and rather asking myself how I feel moment to moment in my body, letting my feelings drive my actions rather than my thoughts. I.e. Does this feel like a [hell] yes or a no [thank you]?

Those are plenty to get me going. FOR NOW. I am going to keep working on this self-love stuff because it’s so damn important! So stay tuned. It has been the year of trusting. And I have made such amazing progress towards trusting. I now feel ready to add and move towards a new evolutionary goal, the one where I am overflowing with self-love.

Today I am also sharing a photo. R put this post-it on my comp a few days ago, and it’s such beautiful words I am greeted with every time I open my computer (which I normally associate with work and stress).

You are magic. We all are. Whoever the heck you are you sexy thang that I’m writing to in the abysss. Ha.




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